Xen Videos

A new YouTube Channel launched in 2024

Preview videos already on the Channel – check it out now for the latest information

Decorative tiles, trivets, murals and borders based on the award-winning artwork of Linell Designs and Xenmint Photography.

Hand-printed by the artists in Derbyshire. 

Visit the Gallery to see more of our designs, and we also have artworks and lifestyle products on sale;

We test-drive all our ceramics ourselves: creating a fabulous kitchen and bathroom designed with our own murals and border-tiles, and printed here in Derbyshire. You’ll need to find your own tiler though!

The ceramics are waterproof, and can withstand temperatures up to 200 Centigrade, and have lasted us for years without any problems, so we’re confident in recommending them to you.

We have some of our designs on the website, and more are available. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind, why not contact us for a chat? If you have a high-resolution photo we can even create a mural or splash-back based on your own design!

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