By E M Linell

Firestone Book One: Wolf-Blood

E M Linell’s Wolf-Blood is the first in the Firestone series.

The Hatching

Once upon a time there was a survival programme on TV which showed how to light fires from a firestone. Somewhere in Scotland a whole beach is strewn with them, & it seemed so magical, this book was hatched in an instant.

The Matching

This particular Firestone began to reveal it had an enhanced aspect. It wasn’t just good for lighting fires, on occasion it saved lives. Not state of the art technology, nothing fancy about a lump of fool’s gold, just an ability to whip a person out of danger and into another time. This didn’t mean the danger was gone, but at least it was different. The question that really needs asking now is, not how does it do this, but why?

The Despatching

The adventure which began with Jake, Urgun and Tulsi takes a twist in time. The forces that control the Firestone are beyond the knowledge of anyone using it. So is its ability just a happy accident, or is it using them? What purpose could it possibly have in mind? Indeed, does it have a mind, or is there something else at work?

There is no knowing any of this, until the Firestone’s secrets are uncovered by some painstaking detective work from the author. This takes time and patience, but there is an intimation that Something is Definitely Going On….

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